At Ruff-Wave (reg.) Portuguese Water Dogs, communication is an ongoing and important component of our relationship with our puppy owners.  With the hectic lives and obligations that many have, we stay in touch at least annually with our friends through  greetings and best wishes for the New Year.  Our holiday cards started with simple origins, and have since become sought after collectors items.  Below is a retrospective of recent years past.

Our 2010 Holiday card featured Ruff-Wave's S V Ticonderoga spoofing the GICO Gecco!

2009 featured a spontaneous shot of Ruff-Wave's Last Mango in Paris on the occasion of her first big air event.
This photo was not posed. Mango and her buddies were playing on a beach, when she decided to take a run down
a very high pier, down the ramp and arriving at the float, she continued finding herself the subject of the biggest

Buddies for life, was the theme in 2008, with the appearance of
Ch Ruff Wave's Endangered Species, Ch Del Sur's Great White at Ruff Wave
and Ruff-Wave's Dali Lana splashing it up on the beach.

For 2007 we took a break from our dogs to feature
an image we experienced in a rest area while driving across this
country. In 2007 we asked each of our canine friends, the question:
"Are you a City or Country Dog?"

The image that appears on our 2006 card was extremely
spiritual for us. This picture was captured of our dog named
Angie, UKC Ch Ruff Wave's Southern Cross CD NA NAJ NAP NJP.
For those who know Angie, she has had some life difficulties.
In snapping this picture, the photographer catches Angie pondering a
moment of the greatest of introspection, looking out to the horizon.
Since this photo was taken, Angie has become a UKC Champion,
been awarded an AKC obedience title and four agility titles.
Angie has received the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
Bronze Register Of Merrit award.
The hope that Angie instills in her view to the open sea, is truly
the hope that all of us long for in looking for a better tomorrow.

In 2005 Ch Ruff Wave's Ranger Danger CD CGC TDIcertified NA NAJ was Joyfully Jumping
into the New Year.

2004 brought Ruff-Wave's Lone Ranger who's call name is "Go Diva"
The first Brown Ruff-Wave dog, she appears as our cover girl in 2004

2003 displayed Ch Ruff Wave's S V Brilliant
Entitled "Beauty is Blind" by a local Veterinarian.

2002 Celebrated birth with a Ruff Wave puppy.

2001 saw Angela barely missing being in the World Trade Center on 09/11/01
Loosing many from our community, friends and professional acquaintances, we celebrated
The strength of our country with the Ruff Wave Crew in front of the flag that draped Angela's
Father's coffin as presented by the US Army for his service in World War II.

It all started with the puppy in the mail box bringing the cheer of the New Year
Ch Ruff Wave's Ranger Danger CGC (TDI Certified), as delivered from our Kennel to all near and far by the US Postal Service.


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